"Reasons to choose concrete roofing tiles"

October 15, 2016 Oliver Glendenning

"Reasons to choose concrete roofing tiles" A comprehensive guide by Oliver Glendenning (Sales Director)


Concrete roofing technology has been around for sometime and is one of our best selling products. Parry roofing tiles have been used to roof more than a million structures across the globe since the 1980's.
People choose concrete roofing tiles because of there appeal and environmental benefits because they dont rust and won't become ugly looking like metal roofing, also concrete roofing tiles reflect sunlight so in tropical climates they help provide a cooler living space, and in some countries where the raw materials are a fair price the cost of construction can be as cheap or cheaper than corrugated iron roofing sheets.

What raw materials do I need?
-Portland cement ideal, masonry cement can be used (avoid pozzalonic)
-Quarry sand/river sand with no more than 10% silt
- Aggregate small stone graded from 0-6mm.
(If stones are in short supply it is possible to make fibre tiles using coconut hair, glass, hemp, sissal and a variety of other fibres.)


What mix ratio do you use for the roofing tiles?
2:1:1 stone, sand, cement using this mix it is posssible to make 50 roofing tiles from one bag of 50 kg cement. It's also possible to colour your roofing tiles with iron oxide also known as pigment, which is available to buy in a variety of colours such as red, blue yellow and green being the most popular. Colours should be added to the mix when dry 5-8% of the mix ratio will be best for quality results. So around 5 grams of powder to the mix allowing you to make upto 500 coloured roffing tiles using one 25 kg pigment bag, we would also advise to use pigment which is UV stabilised.

How long does it take to produce a roofing tile?
It takes 2 minutes to produce 1 roofing tile on a Parry machine and it is possible to make 350 roofing tiles in a day (within 8 hours) with a team of 3 workers. All tiles have to be cured over night in our setting moulds and then demoulded and placed into a curing tank. The curing process takes a minimum of 5 days with high humidity curing (good to use in areas where water is in short supply) using a small amount of water in a curing tank placing the tiles in the tank covered with a wooden board or polythene sheet. (we provide designs for curing tanks) For the best results you can fully submerge the tiles in water for upto 4 weeks however you must take care to replenish water every few days to avoid calcium build up in the water which will stain the tiles.


It is very important during the production phase to make roofing tiles under cover because direct sunight will crack wet concrete, after the tiles have been cured you can stack them upright into wooden crates for sales and distribution.

How do I fit them to the roof?
Our roofing tiles must be fitted on the roof left to right and depending on the climate your living in, our manuals provide guidance on the right pitch for your roofing tiles. We have a variety of different sizes of roofing designs. Our Super Roman roofs 8 tiles per square metre, each weighing 4 kg. Our smaller roman 2 roofing tiles weight just over 2kg and roof 12 per square metre and are more close fiiting "perfect for hurricane and earthquake conditions." Some people worry about the weight of the roof however with the righr pitch and batten spacings this is not a problem and weve never ever in our history had any roofs made by our customers collapsing.

We strongly advise customers to seek training from us to ensure you make quality roofs time after time. Parry Associates was 1 of the first suppliers of MIcro Concrete Roofing technology into Africa and since the 1980's as the market leader many competitors copied are designs and cut corners causing some people roofs to leak from poor worksmanship, giving concrete tiles a negative view. We advise 2 weeks training for the best reuslts. (Always remember cheap solutions can cause expensive problems)

What do I need for production other than raw materials?
-A team of 3 workers, 1 mixer & 2 table operators.
-200 sqm2 of land space (100 sqm2 covered)
-Vibrating table, roofing moulds & interface sheets
basic tools such as hammers brooms,nails, tacs a full list is provided prioir to set up.

-Is it a profitable business?
Yes if the business is managed properly it can be a good business, it is important to manage stock and waste effectively and keep in mind that they are likely to be seasonal periods of demand. It is possible on average to make a return on investment within 9-12 months (we provide stock management tools.)

Heres an example in Somalia my wages for workers are $6 per day, my cement is $5 per bag, my sand and stone is $20 per tonne and i'm not using any electricity/fuel becuase I use a parry machine. I can make 350 roofing tiles in a day and sell each tile for between 80 cents and $1 so my prodcution costs per day = $98.00 and im producing $280.00 worth of salabe stock I can then potentially make $182.00 of profit a day.or if I sell them for $1 each $252.00 (if using pigment this figure could be increased by at least 25%)

Obviously it is important to know your labour costs and rates before considering this business but we are pleased to say we have many customers in Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon Sierra Leone, Sudan and amongst other countries still in business after 15 years. and we are happy to provide consult with you if this is a busines your serious about.

Whats the cost of Parry Building Products equipment?
Starter packages with 50 tiles satet from £2600.00 (exlcuding shipping and export tax)
A plant with 350 roofing tiles will cost you £5,500.00 exlcuding shipping and export tax)

Rember that Parry machines can make an addtional 50+ products so in future you could consider investing in paving and other decorative products, block making or even house construction at a low capital cost.


Benefits of choosing Parry.
5 year Guarantee on our machine
1-1 training
-Superior Product quality
-Good after sales service
-Family business caring about your needs
-1 of the largest suppliers of conrete products
-Local Agents in more than 15 countries worldwide for ongoing support.
-Product originators in 1970's
-We also help our customers with marketing.

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